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Service Commodity Brokerage

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Belux Core Philosophy Belux Core Philosophy

Service Commodity Brokerage

The core philosophy of Belux (Hong Kong) Company is a full service commodity brokerage offering services to customers ranging from the beginner, with no experience in the markets at all, to the advanced trader who is just looking for an avenue to place fast efficient orders with high value on honesty, integrity and professional service.


Belux Hong Kong - Service Commodity Brokerage

Belux Hong Kong Company Ltd is a branch of Belux Company Ltd, which has been established in 1997 by a German based company "TMT Limited", since then Belux proceedings have been growing and evolving in different markets.

Services and Consulting

Belux Hong Kong Company Ltd has created the conventional trading concept by building new safe and direct businesses bridges day after day between China and rest of the world. Our direct approach as acting as your purchasing office in China provides our customers strong backbone and purchasing asset managers and consultants.

By the year of 2006 Belux has been active in seven countries world wide. Belux has initiated its businesses in China by the year 2000, and since it has been dynamically involved in developing different fields of businesses in South East Asia.


China Offices of Belux are also covering other Asian Pacific countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Philippines. Belux offices in the P.R of China are located in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


Belux Brand Products

The trademark name the company’s Belux products provides only high quality rich, elegant and designed products for there customers that match together for whatever fabulous projects they dream up!


Business Services Business Services

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